Youth Training Specialties

Ball Mastery
Ball Mastery class will focus on a player’s individual ability with the ball. Players will work on their individual technique with the ball. Players will work dribbling, moves to get around/keep away from player or to maintain possession in tight spaces. In addition, players will work on controlling the ball with different parts of their body (Inside the foot, outside the foot, laces, knee, chest and head). Ball Mastery is a clinic that will improve a player’s possession with the ball. The goal is maximize touches on the soccer ball. All players will be in contact with the ball from start-to-end of the clinic.

Scoring goals is the most important part of the game. In Finishing class, players will work on shooting and finishing through repetition in various part of the final-third (attacking side of the field) using different parts of the foot (inside, outside, & laces) and head (Depending on the player’s age). Players will learn the right mechanics of shooting/finishing (body position, leg position, proper ball contact, and follow through)

In Goalkeeping class goalies will work on mechanics and proper technique (footwork, stance, catching/handling, diving, angle play, and distribution). Goalies will work on their technique through individual instruction and repetition in activities that challenge their ability to execute with opposing pressure.

Toca-Toca Clinics
Toca-Toca classes will focus on the possession part of the game. In Toca-toca clinic players will master the art of passing (short, medium, and long distance passes). Players will learn the fundamentals of passing, field positioning and the effectiveness of the passing game.